I am looking for assistance! What should I do?

·         We can be reached at dealbang110@gmail.com


What is DealBang?

·         DealBang takes you for an exciting trip of your city where you can purchase cool products, enjoy exciting deals and do lots more! The merchants give us deals on a promise that we will give them minimum number of customers and hence, we bring to you amazing deals with fantastic discounts and help our customers save.


 Can I create an account with DealBang without paying anything?

·         Absolutely! You don't need to pay anything when you register with us and you can receive the daily emails for free.


 How can I become a member on dealbang?

·         Click on "Register" in the top right corner, and follow through the simple instructions to become an account holder.


Can I gift my purchases to others?

·         Yes! We try our best to provide you the best gifting ideas and we will give you reason if a particular product cannot be gifted.


  Is my credit card charged immediately once I sign up for a purchase?

·         Yes. 


Is DealBang safe?

·         DealBang is 100% secure! Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. To learn more about SSL certification check out http://www.ehow.com/how-does_ssl-work.html. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy before you make purchases with DealBang.


What methods of payment do you accept?

·         We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.


Are my purchases refundable?

·         Absolutely!  Please e-mail us at dealbang110@gmail.com with subject "refund" and clearly state your order number.